Weather-damaged tree?

Prevent further problems and get help now!

With the recent bad weather across the UK, there’s a lot of potential for damage to trees. Rough winds can cause trees to sway and bend, and this can result in cracks. Lightning strikes are another potential danger to trees, and heavy rain also takes its toll on their roots and causes instabilities. When damage occurs, sometimes the problem is obvious. Fallen branches and uprooted trees are a serious hazard if they land in the road or in public areas, and they need to be removed quickly by a professional tree surgeon. But what if the problem is less obvious?

Often, cracks and fissures in trees can go unnoticed for some time following a storm. However, a weakened tree is very risky to you and your home. A further storm, or pressure from the weight of the damaged limb, can cause the tree to fall. This can damage the surrounding landscape, cause extensive damage to your home and pose a serious risk to anyone near the tree. That’s why if there’s any concern about a tree on your property, you need to call our trusted local tree company in immediately. Waiting can be much more costly in the long term, to both your building and your loved ones.

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