Top 10 roofing tips

Safety First

Firstly before you tackle any roofing project, please think of safety first. Not thinking of safety first last as this could cause you and others harm. Even if you have a leaky roof and want to get it fixed, could get you in trouble with the hospital.

Roof Precautions

Whether you have a tiled or flat roof, thinking about the hazard’s that could occur. Firstly never get on a roof before wearing the appreciate shoes; ideally these should be made of rubber. Wearing a harness and having a work friend or buddy should be priority.

Find the Problem

If you have a leak, firstly check your loft area to ascertain roughly were the leak is coming in, then once you have all the safety in place get on top of the roof and spray your hose in the area to find the hole or moved tile.

Check, Check and Double Check

We spoke to a few local roofers, and they said when it comes to roofing problems, it is always worth checking for dry or wet rot, check the age of the roof and also check to see the condition of the tiles. There could also be issues with any strapping and bolting, and inspect any materials around the damaged area.

Once you have found the problem, you can then decide on a plan of action, this could be a simple fix, or it could be a new roof. Going to a roofing contractor, will be your best point of call, as they will have the manpower, tools and also know the dangers of being on a roof.

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