Decorators and water based paints

So there’s a big thing on water based paints and the environment in 2019, the big brands Dulux, Crown and Johnsons are all developing water based paints that are better for the environment and also easier to throw away metal and plastic cans, plus smell better than traditional oil based paints.

At EF group we recently got our trusted decorating company ATB Decorators in to talk about water based paints. Being painters and decorators in Horndean, Waterlooville they mentioned that oil based paints generally require two coats of paint on most finishes, and can go onto any surface, whereas with water based paints you really have to make sure that the initial surface is ready for water based paints.

With water based paints, if you are working on previously painted surfaces it is essential to rub down the surface of a previously gloss painted surface to provide a ‘key’ for the next paint to adhere to. Our suggestion is to rub down at first and apply one coat of Bullseye 1-2-3 primer, which will provide a base for the top coats. Then apply one or two coats of Dulux water based undercoat, with a final coat of water based gloss or satinwood to finish.

The big thing for using water based products is also the drying time, using oil or solvent based paints can take 16-24 hours to dry, but a few days to properly harden. Whereas with water base paints each coat can be dry and hardened within hours of painting on with a brush. Great for the modern painter and decorator working on homes and commercial projects.

Our conclusion is that using water based paints from the top suppliers will save you time, the smell or odour will be less smelly than traditional paints. And you’ll find this to be safer for homes with children, and also great for schools, hospitals and other areas that need a quick turnaround and better for the environment.

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