Carpentry at it’s best

At the EF Group website we always strive to build and gain a better knowledge of the property maintenance world, with various services and offers on all year round. But with the ever changing products and services within the building trade, carpentry still makes it first on any contractors list. From building a frame to building a structure, wood is most often used as a priority.

Here at EFG it is a delight to introduce any new carpentry companies to join us and start specialise in all aspects of hanging new doors, frames, adding locking systems and of whom can also building timber frames or simply providing excellence in there own services to us. EF Group provide a quick maintenance service across the South and will start to contract out work to them across 2016 and beyond.

Being able to be re-active is a must, and our very own maintenance network across the South makes us in the need for every expert service or trade, and knowing we have the full support from in-depth knowledge from within our field will come in very handy. Some of the current works in which they will start will be various tasks from re-fitting locks that require updating, changing doors or gates if the current door is not in an repairable condition or simply being on hand to provide a second fix carpentry solution when looking to complete a property.


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